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The Baxter (2005) Online Sa Prevodom



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Elliot (Michael Showalter), a tax accountant from Brooklyn, is a dependable though thoroughly average young man doomed to be the "Baxter", the nice guy who's bound to lose the girl to the leading man in romantic comedies. Losing three girlfriends to last-minute rekindled relationships with their ex-boyfriends has made Elliot wary of being abandoned yet again.

About a week before his wedding to his girlfriend, Caroline Swann (Elizabeth Banks), Elliot discovers that her high school beau, Bradley (Justin Theroux), is back in town. Elliot tries to keep himself composed, but even Caroline's reassurances do not convince him that her feelings for Bradley are buried. In the meantime, Elliot meets Cecil (Michelle Williams), his temporary secretary at his accounting firm. As he resigns himself to losing Caroline to Bradley, Cecil offers him a ray of hope: she does not believe in "Baxters" and thinks that his predicament is avoidable.

The two meet up again later that night at a small club where Cecil performs her original songs, and Cecil tells Elliot he needs to take more risks. When Cecil has a fight with her unsupportive boyfriend Dan (Paul Rudd), Elliot offers to put her up for the night. The next morning, Caroline shows up early with their wedding planner (Peter Dinklage) to finalize their plans. Elliot panics due to Cecil's hidden presence and during the meeting makes a string of awkward suggestions, upsetting Caroline, who begins to doubt his commitment to their relationship, to the point of calling off the wedding.

While out to a bar with his friends from work, Elliot accidentally runs into Dan, who recognizes him as Cecil's "Baxter" friend. Dan is there to meet with Sonya, who's Bradley's current girlfriend and Dan's old college friend. They all decide to sit together, much to Elliot's chagrin. Both Dan and Bradley laugh and joke with Elliot's friends, until one of them mentions that Caroline left him. Depressed and upset, Elliot leaves and contemplates suicide but he's interrupted by Caroline's brother-in-law, Louis (David Wain), who tells him Caroline is willing to give their engagement another chance.

Elliot plans a romantic dinner with Caroline, but finds her with an anguished Bradley, who just broke up with Sonya and is back flirting with Caroline. Caroline convinces Elliot to take Bradley out with them. They cancel Elliot's reservations to an expensive restaurant and go instead to a burger place that Bradley knows well. Elliot feels out-of-place and eventually calls Cecil from the back of the restaurant, confessing that he feels that his marriage will be over before it begins.
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